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CORONET GROUP joins CARANA Corporation to increase Coffee production inWest Nile Region

Mr. Christian Baine, Executive Director CORONET Group Limited has been awarded a consulting assignment with CARANA Corporation, a consultancy project firm based in Arlington Virginia, USA, in co-operation with USAID to provide technical assistance to coffee farmers under the Uganda Coffee project.

Mr.Baine in his contracted capacity of Finance Specialist will provide expertise working on the project implementation and providing corporate oversight on behalf of CARANA Corporation. He will be responsible for identifying financial needs and opportunities among coffee farmers and producer groups, assessing the capacity of SACCOSs and other lending institutions and looking for ways to strengthen the services they offer to coffee farmers in the West Nile region.

Under the Uganda Coffee alliance, CARANA Corporation in partnership with various coffee trading companies in the West Nile region proposes toset up methods which will increase the salable yields and quality of Arabica coffee previously unreached by farmers in the region. It will also provide improved access to international markets, technology and finance offered by the partnership to allow farmers to deliver increased yields and quality which will dramatically improve their household incomes and food security.

For over 30 years, USAID has entrusted CARANA Corporation to foster inclusive and sustainable economic prosperity through more than 250 similar projects in 100 countries including Uganda.

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